MIX.E 2023

Energy for the future: services and uses in full bloom


Producing and consuming the right energy, in the right place at the right time, is now the challenge for an energy transition that combines environmental and economic goals. And to engage users in this paradigm, energy networks must not only be robust and resilient, but also more flexible and intelligent, and support a new supply of energy services. Decarbonizing, Decentralizing and Digitalizing, a real challenge and a change of model…. hence the need for a systemic innovation approach to - integrate a higher share of variable EnR into electrical systems but also – innovate, integrate a spatial dimension and optimize associated services. This systemic approach leads to innovations in generic technologies, new business models, new market organisation and new operating modes necessary to increase the flexibility of electrical systems. Between the arrival of unprecedented competition, ranges of offers that are expanding thanks to Tech innovations... borders are being reduced by pure players and new entrants. What new solutions, what impacts on existing operators? All the conditions seem to be in place for a surge in the energy efficiency services market, but the business models that make it possible to monetise services are often still to be invented. Point on a fast-boiling industry.

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