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Directeur Général


Born in 1994, Edoardo graduated in mechanical technology at the ITI International Institute in Turin in 2013. His first professional experiences began, however, at the age of 14, during the holidays, when he discovered the world of automotive component production as a worker in a small manufacturing company. After graduating, Edoardo decided to go abroad to deepen the English language and tackle new professional experiences. Finally, he will remain abroad for about two years, in Australia and Canada. In 2015 he joined the CRMT team where he worked for more than three years alongside the current president of the CRMT, Romano Artioli, an Italian entrepreneur known for having bought the automobile brands Bugatti and Lotus in the 1990s. During his first years at CRMT, Edoardo took a distance study course in business management at the University of Economics in Turin. Starting from 2018, he manages the CRMT’s activities and employees independently. In 2019, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer after reorganizing the company, activities and workforce with an approach focused on new technologies in the field of engines and alternative fuels.

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