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SBA - Smart Buildings Alliance

Chairman SBA & Ambassador EnOcean Alliance


At 61 years old, while the Smart Building has always been at the centre of his professional activity, Emmanuel FRANCOIS has been chairing the Smart Buildings Alliance for Smart Cities (SBA) since early 2014, which he co-founded in 2012. With nearly 600 members and an international reach, the SBA aims to support, in a very cross-cutting approach, all the actors in the building industry and the city in their digital transformation combined with the environmental transition. It is at the origin of reference frameworks, real digital trust frameworks and methodological guides for all actors of the Building and the City such as Ready2Services (R2S), R2S- 4Grids, R2S-4Spaces, R2S-4Mobility, and BIM4Value for sustainable and inclusive territories. He is also the founding president of the MAJ endowment fund, which aims to open a new path, a new social project to respond to the current major societal challenges by repositioning the human being at the heart of the transitions and by relying on digital technology and new technologies for buildings and cities more frugal and supportive. To accompany these changes, he apologizes for the 3rd urban revolution in response to the major societal challenges and is at the origin of the current drafting of the Citizens' Manifesto of the 21st century. Emmanuel FRANCOIS also leads EnOcean GmbH for Western Europe, which carries a key technology for the wireless and battery-powered IoT allowing buildings to be instrumented in a non-intrusive and completely sustainable way. He has always worked in the electrical engineering field, successively as general manager or sales manager at Wieland Electric France, Cooper Group, ABB and Schneider Electric. As such, he has become convinced of the importance of the progressive introduction of direct current for SmartBuilding and SmartCity, in order to significantly reduce their carbon footprint and has become one of the world’s promoters and experts.

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