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Alice Chougnet started her career on a derrick with a helmet and goggles. Physicist by training, PhD and engineer at ESPCI Paris, she began her career at Schlumberger, one of the world leaders in parapetrolier services. She spent twelve years there, in drilling operations and then in R&D. It acquires its knowledge of the underground, the technological know-how of a world leader, and a strong international experience. At the same time, it forges an intimate certainty: the earth has many resources, and wisdom dictates today to exploit only those that are renewable. In 2018, she reoriented her career towards geo-energy to co-found Geosophy. Geo-energy consists in using the inertia of the basement as a source of thermal comfort of the buildings: the freshness in summer and the heat in winter. Local energy, decarbonized, sustainable, not intermittent and discreet. Geosophy is developing software for assessing shallow underground energy resources and real estate development. By assessing the technical and financial potential of building basements, it allows companies, property companies and social landlords to divide their energy expenditures by 5 and their carbon footprint by 10. Alice Chougnet is working today to make geo-energy a major lever of the energy transition of buildings and the sustainable city.

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