MIX.E 2023

Photovoltaic everywhere - Innovation and integration


“Integrated PV” stands for photovoltaic panels which are integrated into components with other functions. Currently, the most well-known and most common one is Building Integrated PV (BIPV), in which PV forms an integral part of construction elements (tiles, façades, cladding, …) and is assembled in a system replacing a conventional building solution. However, other Integrated PV (IPV) solutions are quickly developing, for example in infrastructure (IIPV), in the automotive industry (VIPV), in agriculture, etc. Apart from the overall PV goal of lowering the Levelazed cost of energy (LCOE), IPV applications can bring the extra value of decentralized, point-of-use electricity generation and fulfill another function such as that of a roofing, facade or sound barrier.

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