SunPlower Propeller is a disruption in propeller technology which is compact and scalable propeller for generating power in remote locations without mast. It enables businesses to deliver products and services even in remote locations. Eliminate pollution-causing diesel generators and help in protecting forest fires, enables digital communications, secures borders by enabling cameras for real time monitoring etc. Develop backbone for economic development and reduce migration of people in the remote locations in the world. o More available and redundant renewable energy. o Lower installation, maintenance, and mast costs. o Works at much lower wind speeds (~ 1.5 m / s). o Simpler and more reliable yaw control mechanism. o Multiple propellers can be controlled by software/single sensor (CAN Bus). Conventional screw propeller technology cuts through the medium (air/water) - this is loud, destructive (cuts birds/fish). SunPlower propeller blades push and glide through the medium like birds/fish silently and efficiently. Highlight: Blades are made using a low carbon footprint green carbon fiber and natural granite stone (Carbon Fiber Stone - CFS by Techno Carbon Technologies). They are lightweight and strong, the stone is naturally weatherproof and does not require any paint.

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