SBA - Smart Buildings Alliance


Created in 2012, the Smart Buildings Alliance is committed to make the smart building an asset for territories, companies and occupants. Unique in its transversality, open-mindedness, and the diversity of its 450 companies and organizations members, the SBA structures its actions around 3 pillars: Smart Home, Smart Building and Smart City. With more than 20 commissions and working groups, the SBA brings together all the different trades in a collaborative approach to design reference frameworks, innovative approaches and solutions. The Smart Buildings Alliance is at the origin of the Ready 2 Services (R2S) reference framework and its extensions (R2S 4Mobility, R2S Residential, R2S Connect, R2S 4 Grids, etc.), as well as the BIM4Value reference framework. The SBA relies on regional chapters that are close to the territories and also has an international reach with in-country SBAs.

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