MIX.E 2023



TFTP is a nonprofit corporation that creates and finances companies fighting climate change on a global scale. In other words, it is the very first citizen movement 100% dedicated to the fight against climate change. Its goal? Gathering 1 billion euros to detect and deploy 100 innovations serving the climate emergency. To do so, it will: • Detect innovations that have an impact against greenhouse gases. • Hire experienced entrepreneurs to identify business models for these innovations and deploy them on a global scale. • Create companies and invest money in order to accelerate and maximize their development. Citizens, companies and innovators can each contribute at their own level in making this movement massive, with means to act on a global scale and a boundless creativity. Citizens and companies by becoming shareholders, innovators by proposing their solution. As a nonprofit company, TFTP distributes Climate Dividends, corresponding to tons of CO2 avoided or captured thanks to their investment in proportion to shares owned by each shareholder. In two years, more than 40 000 citizens and companies became shareholders, 8 millions euros have been raised, 3 innovations have been transformed into companies. To find out more: time-planet.com/en « We, citizens of the entire world, have not given up fighting climate change. There are millions of us, and we have the power to act. It's about time we use it. »

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