We are more than 1,700 passionate people working on creative and innovative digital solutions, in more than 7 countries. Our approach is based on understanding the specifics of your market, your business, your financial issues and your current and future challenges. Our open source DNA is the guarantee of our value proposition. With a constant concern for neutrality with regard to our partners, we always propose the solution best suited to your business objectives and your organization. We support you in making technology decisions that will improve your business and the digitalization of your company, from the design phase to the development and launch of the solution: e-commerce, business applications, data, connected objects, embedded solutions, infrastructure. We are fun and innovative, but also pragmatic and result-oriented. We believe that our contribution is closely linked to your success because this is how we give meaning to our work. Visionary, trained and certified, Smiliens are committed to making the projects you entrust to us grow, with all the audacity, technicality and innovation that characterize us. We are SMILE, the European leader in digital and open source.