MIX.E 2023



At C3D, we are convinced that Sustainable Development and CSR Directors play a decisive role in the transformation of our organisations and ultimately our society. And to accelerate this transformation, facilitate it and promote it in the public arena, our mission since 2007 has been to bring together all the Sustainable Development and CSR Directors and Managers of private and public companies and organisations in France in a single network, under an association under the French law of 1901, which today has more than 200 members. By bringing together people with the same job but with different visions, ambitions and levels of maturity, we encourage the exchange of good practices, the co-construction of new solutions and the implementation of actions in organisations. We weave links between organisations of different sizes and sectors to imagine more transversal solutions for positive growth. This collaborative mode, which characterises the C3D, enables the emergence of collective intelligence and new ways of thinking to act, produce, consume, market and manage differently.